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Spanish Intermediate A2

(1 year course)

This course is also based and organised in levels corresponding to the European Common Reference Framework. Teaching by skills and vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, over a number of tasks ranging from more targeted to less structured. Also used are team activities, grammar references, and tables of most common regular and irregular verbs.

Textbook: "Español en Marcha A2”. Includes CD (Available from Language Bookshops)


Wednesdays: 10.30am - 12:00 noon

Term 3 2018 | Duration: 10 weeks | Starts: 18/07/18 | Cost: $220

Term 4 2018 | Duration: 10 weeks | Starts: 10/10/18 | Cost: $220


Tuesday Evenings: 5.30pm - 7:00pm

Term 3 2018 | Duration: 10 weeks | Starts: 17/07/18 | Cost: $220

Term 4 2018 | Duration: 09 weeks | Starts: 9/10/18 | Cost: $198


Testimonial - 2017

  • "The Spanish course has been the highlight of my stay in Hampton."
  • "Thanks to Analia the tutor for the warm welcome and excellent tuition. As a language graduate and long time participant  in language courses myself, I can confidently say that Analia is an excellent tutor - one of the best! Patient and clear explanations."  
  • "Would like to be made to speak more, my accent is terrible!"

This is a one year course. If you wish to book after the year commences, you must discuss your level with the tutor before booking. Please contact the Centre to discuss further.  




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