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14 Willis Street, Hampton Vic 3188

Spanish Intermediate 2

(1 year course)

This course is also based and organised in levels corresponding to the European Common Reference Framework. Teaching by skills and vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, over a number of tasks ranging from more targeted to less structured. Also used are team activities, grammar references, and tables of most common regular and irregular verbs.

The Text: "Español en Marcha A2”. Includes CD (Available from Language Bookshops)

Wednesdays: 10.30am - 12:00 noon

Term 3 2017 | Duration: 10 weeks | Starts: 19/10/17 | Cost: $200

Term 4 2017 | Duration: 10 weeks | Starts: 11/10/17 | Cost: $200

Testimonial - 2017

  • "The Spanish course has been the highlight of my stay in hampton"
  • "Thanks to Analia the tutor for the warm welcome and excellent tuition. As a language graduate and long time participant  in language courses myself, I can confidently say that Analia is an excellent tutor - one of the best! Patient and clear explanations"  
  • "Would like to be made to speak more, my accent is terrible!"



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