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Blu Buddha Pilates with Helen Buchanan

Pilates is a physical and mental conditioning program developed by German born Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. It blends low impact movements with a deep strengthening program.  Pilates concentrates heavily on developing core stabilization which refers to the supoort given to the spine and pelvis by the deep abdominal and back muscles. It improves;

  • posture,
  • reduces physical imbalances,
  • eliviates back pain,
  • eliviates habitual imbalances and headaches,
  • plus other common ailments. 

Experience being at one with whatever is happening in your life. Tibetan meditation using original hand-made old Tibetan Mediciene Bowls will help bring you into the present moment, allowing you to cope with both pleasure and pain, grief and joy, gain and loss. 

In these weekly classes, you will explore how stress and our response to it affect our body and mind.Ie will guide you through a range of meditation and practices and help you develop a daily practice.

Classes are held in a nurturing and supportive environment. All levels of experience are welcome.

Class Times:

Thursdays 7 pm- 8 pm.  Commencing February 15th 2018.

Cost: $20 casual rate.

Contact Details: Helen Buchanan 0433 131147 




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