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Computer Courses / Tablets, Smart phones and Digital Photos

This equipment is part of daily life in the 21st century. They really do effect a remarkable number of functions. Take this opportunity to learn how they work and how they can make communication easier, cheaper and wider for you.  You will take photos, store them in files, name them, send them to friends and then delete them from the camera or phone.  Your smart phone or tablet can help you complete a remarkable number of business processes. Complete and return forms online, do your banking and download apps.

Tutor: Robyn Hill

Tuesdays:  1.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Duration:  8 Weeks

Cost:  $240 | GVT. Funded: $60  (subject to eligibility) | Pensioner: $160


Term 1 2018 | Starts: 6/2/18

Term 2 2018 | Starts: 1/5/18

Term 3 2018 | Starts: 24/7/18

Term 4 2018 | Starts: 16/10/18


Testimonial March 2015

"Shirley taught me how to get so much from these devices I was only barely using, its astonishing how much more I am getting out of them now, thanks."

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