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Computer Courses / Communication - Using Social Media

Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and professional networks like Linked In etc. are widely used between friends and by business. Other tools like You Tube and Flickr allow you too share videos and photos. The skills learnt in this course will enable you to communicate effectively with family and in the workplace. You will learn how to avoid security risks, set up profiles and how to engage sussessfully via these networks. Literacy in social networks and communication technology is becoming increasingly important in today’s society.

Tutor:  Shirley Harris

Tuesdays:  9.30am - 12.00pm

Cost: $200 | GVT. Funded: $60 (subject to eligibility)

Duration:  8 Weeks


Term 1 2018  | Starts: 2/2/18

Term 2 2018 | Starts: 4/5/18

Term 3 2018 | Starts: 27/7/18

Term 4 2018 | Starts: 16/10/18


Testimonial March 2015

"Shirley is an excellent facilitator meeting the diverse needs of students".


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