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A place for the whole community to meet, learn and develop in a warm and welcoming environment, we cater for every stage in life.

Our friendly team make you feel welcome and help you with our wide range of courses. Come and see where your journey takes you. Download our course guide here.


Volunteering is great for your mind and body, it connects you to others, brings fun and fulfillment and can advance your career. We have a number of exciting opportunities for people to volunteer their time with us here at Hampton Community Centre, they include the following:

Volunteers to assist at reception, Exercise Classes, Art Classes, Special Projects and to join our Committee of Governance.

Please call us on 9598 2977 to discuss how you can commit a few hours per week and help make a difference. Volunteers are the life blood of our Community Centre.  Download Volunteers Application form here.

 School Holiday Program:

 Looking for something for the Little people in your life to do during the Winter school holidays?

 Check out Katy's Art School Holiday Program Monday 29th June - Tuesday 7th July. Enquiries & Booking: Katy 0402 718660 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (details at the end of this page)

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OFFICE HOURS: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

PARKING: Ample parking at the rear of Woolworths. The parking is free and is subject to 2 and 4 time constraints.

DISABILITIES:The centre caters for people with disabilities. Wheelchair access and toilets.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Three minute walk from Hampton train station. 

Gift Certificates: Our gft Certificates are a great way of giving a present of a new skill or hobby to a loved one.

Hampton Community Centre acknowledges the support of the Bayside City Council and ACFE.

Whats New?  

1. On the Queens Birthday weekend, Peter Freckleton from our Creative Writing Class was awarded in the Henry Lawson Verse Competition for his piece Amphigouri, see his award winning Verse below.

2. Feldenkrais Workshop Wednesday 17th June 7pm Call Ruth Frommer 9598-2122 0449 767057 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Three exciting new art classes commencing in Term 3, Wednesday day and evening

4. Spanish for Children class Mondays 40.30 - 5.30

5. Mums and Bubs Yoga. Starting in Term 3, Tuesdays 10:30am - 11:30am Call Beatriz 0416 854872 www.beandliveyoga.com.au

6. Painting Workshop with Terry Cheverton Saturday 18th July 10am - 4pm An introduction to acrylic painting iun simple steps.

painting workshop

 Holiday Program




By Peter Freckleton


They are the boys of the bull-dust brigade


Their theories are moonshine, their plans are ill-laid


Yet they dine on fine viands at a thousand a head


And guzzle their vintage from goblets and gold;


Mocking the poor folks outside in the cold


With gibes that such oughter


Cut down on their rations of dry bread and water.




From parliament house to company board


All drone the same phrases to fleece us.


‘Entitlements must end’, they bawl,


Wearing the straightest of faces


As themselves grow richer than Croesus.




Fat on our assets they spin tales of woe,


The brigade says the nation must bleed, mate.


Yet they can’t spare a cent of their ill-gotten dough -


If we tapped them for cash


The whole system would crash,


For incentive is all about greed, mate.




And how is it done, without strongarm or gun


That so few can pillage so many?


How DOES it befall


With no substance at all


That they keep us in thrall?




Tyrants of yore sent troops to our door


And took what we had as their booty,


But today’s robber barons prey on the poor


With slogans to do all their looting.




While their head-count is low their voices are loud


Like ravens aperch on high places.


No questions are asked, the presses are cowed


By claptrap and sour grimaces.




No public voice is raised to contend,


All contrary thoughts are privately penned –


When will it end?       




Their votes count for nought:


The trash that they spout


Is all that they have to rely on.


If we laughed their spiel down


They’d be forced to leave town


 And we’d have enough to get by on.




So there’s reason to hope


For an end to their rope


And to bring the brigade to confusion.


Like the emperor’s clothes in Andersen’s trope


The whole show depends on illusion.




And we shall retain at the front of our brain


When at last we awake from our slumbers:


Let the airwaves remain the brigade’s domain,


It is we are possessed of the numbers.



Hampton Community Centre Building Outside


Hampton Community Centre acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government